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New Blood Entry — Celebrate the Stain

Award: Wood Pencil

Heinz / 2019

"Too much of a good thing," my father warned me on my third birthday, "can be catastrophic...unless it's Heinz Ketchup."

To Celebrate 150 years of Heinz Ketchup, we wanted to flip convention on it's head. Too often are Heinz Ketchup-induced stains the target of judgement, ridicule, and embarrassment.

We realized that stains shouldn't be judged. They come from those who lose themselves in the moments, laughing, enjoying, putting on just a bit more ketchup – celebrating. In the end, stains are a mark of a good time, and that's something we should celebrate. So we created a community around these stains.

Celebrate the Stain
- We created the marketplace, where you can buy, sell, and exchange Heinz products from ketchup to shoes to shirts – all using the delicious currency of Heinz Stains.
- On social, we aimed to change the conversation around stains into something wonderful – remove the embarrassment from stains and instead lift all those with stain stories into a celebratory state of mind.
- We created an art exhibit invited those from outside the Heinz world to see and appreciate the beauty that stains can provide.

Celebrate the Stain is a marketplace, social hub, art exhibit, and campaign that truly understands that Heinz Ketchup isn't to blame for the stain on your favorite shirt, pants, shoes – it's to thank.

So thank you, Heinz Ketchup. Here's to the next 150 years.