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New Blood Entry — Everybody Bleeds

Award: Graphite Pencil

McKinsey Design & The Case For Her / 2019

Everybody Bleeds. It’s natural.

Some people bleed more than other because they have periods. It’s natural.

But talking about periods doesn’t feel natural.

Most successful period campaigns target women, but we bring periods into everyday conversation, for everybody. Backed by the McKinsey Design and The Case for Her, we’ve designed a set of plasters shaped like sanitary pads. Anyone can use them and talk about period positivity.

Both sanitary pads and plasters do the same thing: soak up blood. But one is taxed and the other isn’t. It’s one of the many examples of how period stigmas are affecting global wellbeing and body confidence.

Our plasters come with a Blood Test quiz which bust common myths surrounding periods. All profits go towards access to sanitary pads and campaigns to end period tax worldwide. By talking about our plasters online you raise more money for our cause. Whatever you have to say, you’re helping us to face up to period stigma.