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New Blood Entry — SAVE THE BEErS

Award: White Pencil

Adnams / 2019

Bee populations have fallen by a third, primarily due to varroa mites.

If we don’t do anything about it, we’ll lose 63% of global food supplies. But something can be done.

There is a beta acid on hops plants that can kill the varroa mites on bees. The bees just have to touch the hops plants.

In relation to that, more than 9 million beers is wasted in the UK annually through drip trays. Beer that nobody wants.
Except the honeybees - they love the smell of beer.

So, we collect all the wasted beer from the pubs across UK, and turn it into 3 different products that can be used to spray on hops plants. The spray attract the honeybees because of the beer smell, and makes them touch the hops plants.

This will save the honeybees and the beers.