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Creative Campaigns for Tennis Lovers

The tennis world's premier event, Wimbledon, is proving to be a battleground for creative campaigns. With that in mind we take a look back at 15 years of the most creative tennis campaigns in outdoor, press and digital. Ace.



Award: Wood Pencil / Illustration / Press Advertising / 2006
Agency: JWT
Client: Nike

8 Creative Campaigns For Tennis Lovers


Award: Wood Pencil / Art Direction / Individual / 2005
Agency: BBH London
Client: Robinsons

8 Creative Campaigns For Tennis Lovers

Uneven Playing Fields - Tennis

Award: Wood Pencil / Poster Advertising Campaigns / 2009
Agency: The Furnace
Client: Skins

The objective was to create a new brand campaign for Skins, highlighting the physical benefits of wearing the product. The Furnace used the concept that when you’re playing sport, wearing Skins tips the balance of power in your favour.

Wimbledon 8 Creative Campaigns For Tennis Lovers Skins

TV Advertising

Tennis Instructor

Award: Wood Pencil / TV & Cinema Advertising Crafts / Direction / 2005
Agency: Gorgeous  / Wieden+Kennedy USA
Client: Nike

This spot is about showing how much potential everyone has inside. It’s about triggers that make you reach new limits. It can be fear, it can be competition, it can be pride, and in this case, it is love. A group of girls in a tennis academy fall in love with the tennis instructor and try to impress him by playing the best tennis. The result: Thirty 15-year-old girls playing tennis like Serena Williams and a completely confused tennis instructor.

Skateboarders - Tennis

Award: Wood Pencil / TV & Cinema Advertising / Television Commercial up to 30 Seconds / 1998
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Client: Nike

What if we treated all athletes the way we treated skateboarders?

Bad Tennis

Award: Wood Pencil / TV & Cinema Advertising / Television Commercials - Individual up to and including 30 seconds / 2005
Agency: DDB London
Client: The Guardian

The public tennis courts are absolutely packed. And on every court, truly terrible tennis is being played. We get the sense these people don’t come here very often – they’re dressed in all kinds of clothes, and haven’t a clue how to play. A voice reminds us it’s that fortnight again. Wimbledon. Buy the Guardian to get a free 68-page guide.

Digital Campaigns


Award: Yellow Pencil / Crafts for Design / Animation & Illustration for Websites & Digital Design / 2014
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New York
Client: IBM

IBM is a major sponsor of the US Open, tracking every single stat and piece of data generated by the event. Ogilvy & Mather New York wanted tennis fans to experience the breadth of IBM's involvement in the tournament, so used the data it collects to create real-time videos that tell the story of each set through the data it produced. The results were shared live on Instagram less than a minute after the set's end. To get the animations out in real-time, they invented a custom algorithm and had animators, designers and writers embedded at the US Open.

US Open Sessions

Award: Graphite Pencil / Digital Design / Digital Design / 2015
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New York
Client: IBM

IBM tracks every piece of data at the US Open. Ogilvy & Mather New York turned it into music. Working with James Murphy, they built an algorithm to translate game events like scores and stats into song characteristics like pitch and tempo. So 187 different pieces of music wrote themselves in real time. It was all generated and played live on a fully responsive site that was both a music visualizer and a score tracker. So when you heard a change in the music, you saw what caused it. James took his 12 favorite matches and remixed them for an album that got positive reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone.

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