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The A to Z of Halloween - P to T

In celebration of Halloween, we’ve delved into our Awards Archive to unearth a definitive A to Z of the most ghastly, grisly and gruesome campaigns ever to grace the D&AD Awards. In this, the penultimate chapter in the series, we uncover voices from beyond the grave, supernatural shopping trolleys and horrifying examples of ghostly camerawork. Prepare to be thoroughly spooked.

P is for Photos – Ghost Photos

Ghost Photos
Award: In Book / Graphic Design / Point of Sale / 2007
Agency: TBWA Germany
Client: Sony Computer Entertainment Deutschland

Cameras including pre-exposed films were handed out by promotional teams at the 2006 Games Convention. When developing the negatives, a scary ghost appeared on every picture. The last picture solved the mystery by saying "The horror is closer than you might think. Forbidden Siren II; now available for PlayStation2."

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Q is for Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Award: In Book / Illustration / Book Design / 2007
Agency: Rosemount Studios
Client: Walker Books

Rosemount Studios macabre illustrations for Victor Hugo’s gothic novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, represent the perfect combination of brain, pencil, camera, and computer.

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R is for Radio – Radio Ghosts

Radio Ghosts
Award: In Book / Direct / Direct Response/Ambient / 2013
Agency: Serviceplan München
Client: Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe

One in eleven deaths caused by car accident involves drink driving. To raise awareness Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe installed small radio stations in the shape of wooden crosses throughout Hamburg, at actual locations where drink related car accidents occured. Through these, Serviceplan München played radio spots describing the accident by the deceased victims: ‘radio ghosts’. While stationary, a driver’s attention was drawn to the cross by a personal address from the radio ghost. ‘Sorry. I’m talking to all drivers on this corner. Because I died here. Right there at the railing, that’s my death cross’. These small radio stations aired the story of the victims directly to the traffic stopping nearby.

S is for Skeleton

Award: In Book / TV & Cinema Advertising Crafts / Animation / 2003
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Client: Interbrew UK

In 2002, BBH used a pub full of skeletons to promote new bar-room technology from Murphy's Irish Stout. The FastFlow system enabled bar staff to pull the perfect pint four times faster than before – the skeletons representing bored to death stout drinkers waiting for their pints to be pulled. 

T is for Trolley – Ghost Trolley

Ghost Trolley
Award: In Book / Ambient / PR & Creative Stunts / 2006
Agency: Network BBDO
Client: Simba

Simba, a large snack producer, wanted to re-launch Ghost Pops, an old favourite South African snack. The snack has a Ghostbusters heritage and a small budget. To create awareness at point of purchase, everyday shopping trolleys were rigged with motors, thereby creating an arsenal of Ghost Trolleys. These trolleys were filled with Ghost Pops and driven by remote controls from hidden locations. They moved around supermarkets by themselves in a spooky, supernatural way, receiving quite a number of interesting reactions.

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