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Direct Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2024

Marketing communications delivered straight to the consumer and designed to elicit a direct response from a target audience.


Have a look at the subcategories below and download the entry kit for more information.
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You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 5201 - Integrated

    Fully integrated direct marketing campaigns that are executed across multiple platforms, designed to elicit a direct response. For example online, in print, TV and radio.
  • 5202 - Digital

    Digital communications that elicit a direct response. For example banners, campaign sites, emails, apps and direct messaging (eg DMs, SMS, MMS & WhatsApp)
  • 5203 - Film

    Social, VOD, TV or cinema ads designed to elicit a direct response. Includes work for offline platforms such as planes, festivals, presentations.
  • 5204 - Direct Mail

    Physical mail that elicits a direct response. Includes door drops, letters, postcards and mail packs.
  • 5205 - Printed Materials

    Print marketing that's designed to elicit a direct response. Includes stationery, leaflets, brochures, books, greetings cards and calendars.
  • 5206 - Press & Outdoor

    Press and poster advertising designed to elicit a direct response. Includes press inserts and wraps, work released on digital and interactive sites, special builds and street flyering.
  • 5207 - Radio & Audio

    Radio ads and audio marketing that elicit a direct response. Includes radio broadcasts, fan base targeting and podcasts.
  • 5208 - Events

    Events and stunts designed to elicit a direct response. Includes virtual and live events, flash mobs, guerilla marketing and pop-up shops.
  • 5209 - Products & Services

    Products and services targeting specific audiences and eliciting a direct response. Includes product samples and consumables.
  • 5210 - Acquisition & Retention

    Direct campaigns that initiate a targeted drive towards a business, company, or product in order to establish a relationship with the consumer or encourage customer loyalty.
  • 5211 - Innovation

    For cutting edge work that changes the way brands market straight to the consumer. For innovative products, services and communications that elicit a direct response.
  • 5212 - Use of XR

    The use of immersive technologies to extend reality and elicit a direct response, for example direct-to-avatar. Includes the use of AR, VR or MR to blend real and virtual worlds, and applications across web 3.0 and the metaverse.
  • 5213 - Social

    Direct campaigns and communications specifically designed for social media platforms, including mobile ads.

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