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Interview: Director Helmi

Helmi's vibrant take on the world is distinguished by his ironic take on glamour and excess. His work, represented by Division Paris, is spread across commercial projects and music videos. His video for Tiga's Bugatti is a striking example of decisive editing and ironic juxtaposition. Fun, catchy and technically brilliant, it was Shortlisted for the Next Director Award 2015. In the interview below Helmi discusses his influences, technique and projects. 

What was the inspiration for your Bugatti film?

The inspiration was mostly the 80s and all the New Wave that Tiga himself likes very much. There was a real connection between us. I’m also a massive fan of pop culture references from advertising to feature films, that inspired me a lot for this music video.

What was the process from idea to finished film?

The main idea was to attribute one sound for each image. The challenge was to imagine the scenes that could fit a sound and what action can make a sound, even if is not relative to the music. 

What was the biggest challenge when making Bugatti?

The biggest challenge is always the same: find the ideas. And of course, for this project, the editing which was a BIG challenge too.

What has been the key to your success?

I'm not sure about it, but I had a great team for this project to make things happen!

How valuable are self-initiated projects?

It’s just great! For a director, it’s a total freedom to create a project from A to Z. Propose new ideas to artists and challenge them. That's what I did for Bonnie Banane. I actually had a specific concept for them and they created the song with this concept in mind. That is one of the coolest ways to make a music video!

How important are competitions and award shows for creatives?

As usual, when you don’t win it has no value, but when you win it’s the best thing that's happened for you! Competition is a good thing to get your works known, also to meet people and to challenge yourself: that’s the interest of our job!

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