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In all my years in this industry, videos have never stopped amazing me – when they are good, that is. In many ways, diminishing budgets have upped the level of creativity and tipped the balance of art over commerce. I am thrilled every time I see a young director pushing the envelope to invent new worlds and ideas to enchant us with. In the past ten years, we have seen the French video revolution inspire a whole new generation to come forward and be heard. To have the opportunity to visually interpret an artist's music should be seen as a privilege, and when there is respect and an emotional connection to the music, great visuals can be created. 

I feel hopeful for the year ahead, 2017 has already been a rich year for the video industry with talents like Oscar Hudson, Young Replicant, Ryan Staake, Sacred Egg and the Blaze are making incredible work and I am very hopeful more wonderful work will surface in the next few months.

Bonobo - No Reason

Wood Pencil / Music Videos / Production Design for Music Videos / 2017 | Director – Oscar Hudson Production Company – Pulse Films Executive Producer – Sarah Boardman Producer – Matthew Posner

Awards are a funny fish. People love them when they win them and loathe them when they lose.

With a bit of experience now, having done this wonderful job for almost 15 years, I do believe they are very important. I’m not always in favour of the individual artists, but more for the industry as a whole. It's really valuable to get a yearly overview of the general work output, otherwise ever year just runs into the next and you forget everything you've seen. It's also a great way to see some work you may have missed. Seeing the different pieces of work on the big screen also adds gravitas to them. However, in an ideal world competitiveness and creativity would not be sharing a stage. The challenge of awards is that they create trends, but luckily there’s always some fresh talent who’s going to break the last benchmark, and it’s the responsibility of us (the industry) to find those fresh voices.

The Blaze - Territory

Music video directed by The Blaze Produced by Iconoclast Production service by Deux Horloges Director of photography : Benoit Soler Producer : Roman Pichon Herrera Actor : Dali Benssalah Stylist : Juliette Alleaume

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