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Alex Mehedff: Conflict Zone

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Next Photographer / Next Photographer / 2017

Photographer's Profile:
Alex is a long time producer who always had a love for photography. In producing the TV docConflict Zones for Brazilian HISTORY Channel, Alex embarked with his photography equipment and as production for the doc was happening, he photographed his travels in the conflict zones in northern Iraq and Syria, and launched a book late November 2016 calledWorld Unknown in Brazil through EditoraEstudioJakobsoon.

Photo Description 1:
Children: A school in Kobane, Syria was bombed and taken over by ISIS. After the Syrian Kurdish Army liberated Kobane, children who used to attend the school went back and built a 'travel machine' with school objects in the middle of the destructed school grounds.

Photo Description 2:
Lost Souls: In a village in northern Iraq, in Kurdistan territory, locals leave their shoes in front of their houses when walking around their village. They have had a similar lifestyle for centuries; they place their sitting mats outside their homes to socialise outside, serve tea and enjoy time together. In this photo, the family and neighbours had gone to collect water.

Photo Description 3:
0.5 Ton Bomb: At the frontline in Sinjar, Iraqi Kurdistan, we were hit by five 0.5 ton bombs shot by ISIS within ten minutes, and one of the bombs didn’t explode. A peshmerga soldier decided to pick up the bomb and carry it back to the local military headquarters (originally a school) for further examination.

Photo Description 4:
Life Depends on It: Peshmerga are the military forces of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. At the peshmerga frontline, every peeking whole in the sandbag walls has a set of bullets ready to be fired.

Photo Description 5:
Life Goes On: A local in Kobane, Syria, lives in one of the destroyed homes in the background. She continues to make a living by making rugs to be sold in the local market.

  • Alex Mehedff: Conflict Zone
  • Alex Mehedff: Conflict Zone
  • Alex Mehedff: Conflict Zone
  • Alex Mehedff: Conflict Zone
  • Alex Mehedff: Conflict Zone

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