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Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Next Director / Music Video / 2015

Director's Profile:

I started in photography. I wanted to be a photo journalist and ended up loosing the passion for it. From there I moved into film. Music videos and commercial work thus far. The goal is to get enough films under my belt to confidently take on a feature that I've written. This film submitted is a great example of the kinds of films I want to make. A bit surreal and passionate with strong characters.

Judges Comments:

Dougal Wilson: This story of a teenage werewolf is flawed and occasionally naive but it showed undeniable passion.

Juliette Larthe: The director showed an intuitive profile of passion, compassion, conscience and peer group pressure. Illustrated the trials of finding oneself as a teen. I loved the styling and though the obviously limited budget, the werewolfs were done in an interesting way and helped to create a believable narrative. The details were key and played a crucial part in emotional engagement for my viewing. A really good video and great casting choice. Any flaws were easy to overlook since it felt like the piece was strong and cool.

Phil Tidy: Good casting and artstyling direction. The cinematography played a great part in the narrative. It’s good and brave for a music video to go beyond the song. I liked the scene with the two sisters at the start.

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