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New Blood Entry — Flip

Award: Yellow Pencil

Penguin / 2023

Gen Z believes that brands must be sustainable. So when it comes to merch, we don't want another tote bag—we want to do good.

#BookTok has inspired a new age of reading and sharing literature, but with the world's biggest book club at every reader's fingertips, Gen Z is craving something more than merch.

Flip is reading done right. We're flipping merch on its head and reimagining book swaps for good. We're building a circular economy around the books you love, bringing you community and meaningful experiences.

Let's flip it!

What did the judges have to say?

Books have the power to connect individuals and build a global community, all while being environmentally conscious. I find the idea inspiring.

Kieran Ahmed, Designer, BBC Creative

Love that they addressed a problem/challenge I noticed in the brief: Gen Z don't want another tote bag (which I thought contradicted the sustainable ethos of the brand, because anything made creates emissions). #BookTok included a strong community aspect. The idea to have book swaps hit the brief for me as it also addresses loneliness; meaning there is a connection that benefits individuals' health and wellbeing as well as encouraging reading and Penguin's brand awareness.

Alexandra Lunn, Founder, Alexandra Lunn Studio

We really liked the idea of flipping what we see merch as being, especially when linked to our social impact work as a brand. Flip was also executed beautifully, with excellent design.

Kezia Newson, Content Manager, Penguin

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