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New Blood Entry — Take a Bloody Break

Award: Wood Pencil

Heinz / 2023

Y’all fancied Heinz Hidden Spots to be a mighty fine idea, and t’was, ‘sept for one thing. It told the enemy just where to go lookin'. It painted a target on those spots, and folks got killed, lots of folks.

That got us figurin’ the only time you’re truly safe, is when you’re already dead.
So we faked it, death that is. With the oldest trick in the book; ketchup blood.

That’s where Heinz came in, puttin ketchup tins inside games for players to find. Usin ‘em tins dropped us characters straight down in the mud covered in ketchup, hidin’ in plain sight like we were dead, givin’ them players time to take a bloody break.