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New Blood Entry — #debtfreebay

Award: Yellow Pencil

eBay / 2023

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) debt is such a problem, NYU Professor Scott Galloway labelled it the ‘subprime mortgage crisis for Gen Z’.

Amidst rising inflation, 18-24-year-olds have impulse shopped their way to ruined credit scores and debt collector visits—often without realising what they've signed up for.

#debtfreebay positions eBay as the most effective way out of BNPL debt for Gen Z. By integrating tools into the eBay app that schedule second-hand sales to match outgoing debt payments, the campaign encourages young people to pay their debts in the fastest, easiest, and most sustainable way.

What did the judges have to say?

It was outstanding. This is what I wrote in my notes: for a Yellow Pencil, the work had to be outstanding; and at times I was lost for words to say how impressive it was.

Lizzie Burr, UK Brand Marketing Lead, eBay

Unique and salient insight; was so well executed you could imagine it going into market now. Both art direction and copy (script) were strong.

Katee Hui, Senior Director of Strategy, T1

We loved this idea because it ticked so many boxes. It had a great insight and spoke to the audience on a very emotional level. It had a strong purpose behind it and it was very well executed. It had a very high level of craft, in particular the copywriting. It was digital-first thinking with an AI scanner and a TikTok partnership.

Lee Manson, Creative Director, The&Partnership

A strong social insight which was unique from all other entries tackling a real Gen Z issue. Impressive, polished execution with relevant touch points and use of new technology, and bang on brief.

Sabine Stromsky, Associate Creative Director, Edelman