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New Blood Entry — Don't Judge a Movie by its Language

Award: Graphite Pencil

Netflix / 2022

The British people have and use Netflix ALOT, but may not consider
non-English language content. Netflix believes that great content can come from anywhere, regardless of the language. Despite this broad language offering, UK consumer appetite for non-English language titles has historically been low.

There are some perceptions that subtitles can be hard to read and follow, or that mouths not matching the dialogue can be off-putting. But if the British people don’t want to watch either subbed or dubbed series and movies, when are they ever going to? This is where the real problem lies.

Let's break the evil circle and make subtitles great again- By making subtitles crucial to read. Repositioning it as it really is - a great way to be able to explore new content and broaden your horizon.