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Award: Yellow Pencil

Rexona / 2019

Rexona's brief asked us to bring the idea of the Rexona Dance Studio to life in the digital and physical worlds by creating an environment that celebrates dance. The studio should be inclusive, accessible and engaging, and encourage young people all around the globe to get moving.

So we started by just brainstorming and getting know our target audience.
- Do they like to dance.
- How does dance impact their lives.
- Where do they engage the most.

We saw Rexona didn't have a strong Instagram presence or even a big social media one at all, so we decided to target that platform, which works perfectly with the target audience we were given.

Our solution was to use influencers as a way to get people involved and willing to participate, rather than depending on the user alone to create a viral dance video. It's simple and easy for them to see their favorite influencer dancing around and being able to join in and finish the movements till there is a complete dance video. It would go something like this
-Rexona reaches out to influencer to create a story starting a simple dance move(s) to a song of their choice.
-Their fans send in videos of themselves adding more to these dance moves by using the hashtag.
-If Rexona likes your dance moves you could be featured on the story and immortalized in Rexona's highlights.
- Highlights are used to create the flow of what the whole dance routine would look like
- Using the highlights we then send it to collaborating dance studios to teach this dance around the world.

And there it is. The way we found our idea t a complicated brief, that wasn't asking for something new, but using what's available to create something new.

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