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New Blood Entry — Ricky, Wing Kit Lo, Ka Man Chan, Janette Shin, Colin Lee

Award: In Book

Crafts - Photography / 2011

The world is ever changing, but love stays constant. We want to celebrate the positivity of humanity. Love flows in our blood and we channel , commit love through actions. Humans grow and humans learn. And this was essentially what we wanted to capture, the essence of love, delivered and accepted throughout life.

The set of photographs portrays the primary needs of humanity, love, honor, family and growth. Love will always hinder our lives, how love teaches us and how we preach love. We wanted to portray the apex of love, and it’s said the strongest love is the infinite motherly love and therefore we want to celebrate feminism and dedicate our photographs to every strong female in the world.

The image plays with the idea of optical illusion and the interaction between reality and photography. The impact of how meaningful photography can warm up the deepest areas of our hearts.

The art direction is very snapshot like to enhance to day-to-day, caught in the moment emotions. The feelings are very down to earth and real in their warm hostile room. We made the styling very simple and down to earth so it’s more relatable to our audiences.

We live to love. Arguments and disagreements comes up in life, but we have to learn to look over it and remind ourselves its all out of love and care. Just because somebody doesn’t love you with the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with everything they’ve got. Because love is for real.

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