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New Blood Entry — Pui Yee Pang

Award: Nomination

Crafts - Moving Image / 2011

This is a video about Maggie’s Care Centres. The big tree is represented Maggie’s Care Centres that provide freedom, natural and caring for cancer people. The mess line is represented when people got cancer; he or she is easily feels lonely and depress. At the same time, they feel their life is totally upside down from the normally life. Therefore, i use the messy line to represent the mood or the thinking of people who got sick.
The visual use a warm tone with hand drawing style, which make audience feel warm and caring.

The story is about Mr. Mess who got sick and feels depress. He cannot make up his mind to next step. He feels his life is mess and his thinking just like the chaos line.
Luckily, he finds a secret way to a big tree. Everywhere is surrounding plants and he feels he can relax at here. Also he finds someone who is really caring him. He feels very warm and touching. He finds out, he should look upside down that makes everything better and he believes there is always a way.

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