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3 ways to approach a social media-led creative brief

Great examples by AnalogFolk

AnalogFolk hosted a New Blood Shift London night school session all about digital marketing and social media advertising.

Read on to find out the three approaches they shared for tackling creative briefs. As the structure and consumer behaviours around media and services change, the way we build brands has to evolve. Although this means the landscape is constantly changing, it provides huge opportunities for new and exciting ways to engage new audiences on social media. During their session for our industry-led night school New Blood Shift, AnalogFolk shared three varied approaches to respond to the same social media-led brief in innovative ways.

Approach 1: Hack it

Take the things you know already, and twist that to be used in a different way that can help you tell your message in a compelling way. This could be changing the way someone interacts with an Instagram filter or completely flipping the expected way of a brand using their social media platform. Whatever you choose, hack how you use your technology to try and tell a different story.

Approach 2: Let people bring themselves to the idea

How can you use your audience and make them part of the idea? This means creating an idea that relies on your audience’s participation to make it a real success. You need to know your audience and let them do the talking. AnalogFolk have some great examples of this, including their social media campaign for PG tips using the brand’s well-loved spokesperson Monkey.

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Approach 3: Give people something of value

A third way to answer a digital brief is to give your audience something of value. This means using content to your advantage, engage your audience on digital platforms by talking to them about something they care about, giving useful information or providing something entertainment-led. Another example where AnalogFolk used this technique was with their client EE, creating a podcast series on the theme of “Who says you can’t” featuring anyone from celebrities like Professor Green to world-record holders, all doing unexpected things.

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Our key learnings

There are multiple approaches to answer any creative brief. These are just three approaches to try when it comes to digital and social strategy, but the most important thing here is to know your audience so you can come up with a great idea that they can engage with, and find valuable, while building alignment with the brand.

New Blood Shift is our free industry-led night school for non-traditionally trained talent, to read more about what we do head to our London and New York pages. To read about other sessions from the Shift programme why not learn more about how to prototype your creative idea, or use creativity for sustainable development.


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