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New Blood: portfolio pointers

There’s a new wave of creative talent about to be released into the industry. And you’re part of it. That means it’s time to pimp your portfolio.

New Blood Festival 2019 is hosting portfolio surgeries to get your work in front of the pros you want to impress. It’s a speedy affair. You get 5 minutes max at each table, so you’ll want to make the most of every moment. To help you do it, we’ve turned top advice from top creatives into a cheat sheet. Prep your portfolio with these tips in mind, and you’ll be on fire.

Stick to 3-5 of your strongest projects.

Don’t just whack stuff in for the sake of it. Think what each piece says about what you can do. If you’ve got two projects that are a bit samey samey, cut one. And for the projects you go with, avoid including duplicate executions or endless examples you don’t need.

Introduce each project in one punchy sentence.

Time is short, but you should be able to explain your ideas in a flash. Get the work into just one snappy line that’ll have us hooked, then you can move on to the nifty thinking and crafty touches.

Check your work, or you’ll wreck your work.

The last thing you want to spend your 5 minutes on are mistakes. Don’t let sloppy copy or silly mishaps ruin a good thing. Check your images are high res enough and you have any video files ready to play. If you’re not a spelling champ, get someone to give your work a quick once over.

Get personal.

Got a cheeky side hustle, or a personal project on the go? Don’t hide it away. Potential employers are looking for individuals, for people who’ll bring some personality to an agency or project. So share a project that shows yours off, and makes you memorable.

So there are 4 fundamentals for making your folio pure gold. Follow them if you're attending a New Blood Festival 2019 Portfolio Surgery, and be sure to come with your portfolio in good nick.

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