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New Blood Entry — Ssu Kai Laio, Ho-Tzu (River) Cheng

Award: In Book

Product Design - Product Design / 2011

Accroding to The Global Status Report by World Health Organization, road traffic injuries are one of the top three causes of death for people aged between 5 and 44 years. It is also the top one
causes of death for people aged between 15-29 years. WHO also predict that road traffic injuries will rise to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030. (For all age)

When the weather turns bad, the chances of an auto accident can increase substantially. During rain storms and snowstorms, the failing rain or snow can make it difficult for drivers to see. When snow or rain is combined with dirty water or slush thrown up from the road by other drivers, windshields can quickly become dirty. Similarly, fog can significantly impair visibility and render headlights ineffective. It is dangerous to change the lane during these situations, and car accidents are always happened at ths moment.

Windscreen Warning Wiper is a windscreen wiper with LED light installed. When the wiper is in action, the LED will flash and project information on the windscreen.

The LED information is very conspicuous (compared with the normal rear braking light). People pay more attentions to the dynamic information given by LEDs.

We sometimes find that other's car boot is not properly closed, or something wrong with their rear tires. We can also use the input voice function to warn them.

Accroding to some statistics, drivers always turn their windscreen wiper into the highest speed during the rain stroms or snowstorms, and some statistics also show that drivers want much more higher speed wiper during these situations. Because the LED mode needs the higher wiping frequency to show information obviously, it is very suitable for driver to use during the rain storms or heavy fog.

Windscreen Warning Wiper adds two addtional modes into the wiper control joystick, which are: LED Warning Mode, LED Voice Input Mode. Driver can use the built-in message,(ex: an exclamation mark), and also can use the Vocice Input Mode to input what you want to say to other drivers.

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