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New Blood Entry — Kevin Dowd, Chesca Ruta

Award: In Book

Open Brief - What Else Do You Do? / 2011

Social networking is now an everyday (or even every-waking-hour) part of people’s lives. With so many ways to procrastinate, young professionals and students like us are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off and concentrate on doing actual work.Finding that our incessant Facebook checking was preventing us from finding solutions to the other briefs, answering the question 'What else do you do?' was easy. We spend far too much time on Facebook. With this in mind, we developed an idea for a browser application that blocks Facebook for a specific amount of time. With FaceBLOCK users are able to block themselves from Facebook on a timer so they can get their work done. FaceBLOCK advertises specific sponsors, generating profit and creating a platform for companies to target a specific demographic.FaceBLOCK would be promoted through various media, including ambient advertising around University cities and campuses.

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