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Art Direction for Brand Communication

Master the art of visual communication with Art Direction that captures your audience's attention.

Winning over the hearts and minds of your audience requires razor sharp visual communications. In this one-day course, led by D&AD ex-president Mark Bonner, you’ll get to grips with the precise art of creating campaigns that captivate, time and time again.

Today, creativity needs to work harder than ever to catch our audience's attention. This course will provide you with tips and techniques to do this. During this workshop, you'll learn how to tune the frequency of your ideas through their execution.

You'll learn to understand the delicate, precise act of sending your message on exactly the right wavelength, without interference. You'll understand that every visual and verbal choice you make in strategy, writing, illustration, photography, graphic design, typography, print, media, filmmaker, coding or digital platform contributes to how the audience catches your throw.

You'll get to look at examples of visual differentiation in evolution and history, and study art direction in design, advertising, film and contemporary art. Above all else, you'll learn to listen to your ideas, not current trends, in order to style your work originally.

Because if you want to catch a mouse, you'll need to make a noise like a cheese. But don't BE a cheese, because that'll never work. The mouse is used to that, he's got smart, and wants something new. The same is true of successful visual communication.


Who it's for:

  • Designers and creative directors wanting to find an original style
  • Photographers and Illustrators looking to perfect their work
  • Art directors looking to hone their craft 
  • Anyone needing to make more informed choices when creating brand campaigns
  • Anyone with an interest in making or commissioning effective, original communication design or advertising.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Learn that the same co-evolution in nature exists in creativity
  • Know that luck, life and laziness inspire originality
  • Accept that imperfection can be perfect and how small details make imagery memorable
  • Be able to create memorable work for an audience caught in media crossfire
  • Use creativity to develop well-rounded projects with multiple paths to engage and entertain your audience

Shoreditch, London

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