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Spatial Design Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2022

The design of permanent and temporary environments, including installations, retail spaces and public areas.

Judges will be considering how the space works operationally as well as aesthetically.
Virtual spaces should be entered into Digital Design, Creative Transformation or Experiential.



You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 2801 - Exhibitions

    The design of individual permanent or temporary exhibitions, where a selection of items are organised and displayed to the public. May be stand-alone or exhibited alongside other work.
  • 2802 - Expo & Trade Shows

    The overall design of spaces built to house multiple exhibitions, for example expositions or trade fairs.
  • 2803 - Sets & Stages

    The design of sets used for theatre, film or TV. Includes set design that supports corporate and commercial events.
  • 2804 - Installations

    Permanent or temporary constructions that are designed to occupy and transform an entire room or space, so that they become part of the built environment.
  • 2805 - Hospitality

    The design of spaces created to entertain. Includes, but is not limited to, hotels, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and members clubs.
  • 2806 - Workplace

    The design of physical offices and co-working spaces. Where there are virtual elements, judges will be looking at how the physical environment has been designed to interact with these.
  • 2807 - Retail

    The design of traditional retail spaces and digitally-driven stores. Includes interiors, pop-up shops, visual merchandising, window displays and social retail. Where there are virtual elements, judges will be looking at how the physical environment has been designed to interact with these.
  • 2808 - Public Spaces

    The design of public spaces including walkways, schools, libraries, leisure centres, museums, hospitals, places of worship, parks, public toilets and government buildings.
  • 2809 - Responsible Spaces

    Permanent or temporary spaces that have been designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding landscape and ecosystem. Includes application of circular design principles and use of sustainable building practices or materials. A fourth judging criteria applies to this subcategory: Is it responsible?
  • 2810 - Creative Use of Budget

    Work that brings a creative idea to life, where the output exceeds expectations set by a low budget. Includes pro bono work. You will need to state the production budget and justify your reasons for entering here.

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