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Experiential Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2022

Experience-led activations that encourage interaction between brands and consumers. May take place virtually, in the physical world or a combination of both.



You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 1301 - Community

    Brand activations taking place within online and offline communities, or bringing these communities together, to optimise a shared experience.
  • 1302 - Exhibitions & Trade Shows

    Brand activations and stands at online and offline expos, conventions and trade shows.
  • 1303 - Retail

    Retail experiences that enhance the purchasing process. Includes in-store events, pop-up shops, street vendor experiences, online activations and fully integrated virtual stores.
  • 1304 - Public Spaces

    Brand activations designed for public spaces, including location-based experiences, OOH and ambient marketing.
  • 1305 - Responsible Activations

    Brand activations that prioritise sustainability in their planning, manufacture and execution, or encourage responsible behaviours as part of the user experience. A fourth judging criteria applies to this subcategory: Is it responsible?
  • 1306 - Online Experiences

    Brand activations designed to be experienced on digital platforms.
  • 1307 - Use of Micro-Talent & Influencers

    Campaigns that use micro-talent or micro-influencers – those with niche audiences or over 1,000 followers – to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1308 - Use of Talent & Influencers

    Campaigns that use popular social media influencers or celebrities, usually with a following of 100,000+, to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1309 - Use of Technology

    Marketing that uses new technologies and emerging media to push the boundaries of creativity, or the reimagining of old technology in a new, creative way. Work that uses AR, VR or MR technology should be entered into the Use of XR subcategory.
  • 1310 - Use of AR

    The use of augmented reality (AR) to enhance a real-world experience through play, expression or utility. Where AR adds an experiential layer to an activation, for example a branded event, a retail space, extending a format such as out-of-home or augmenting data and information.
  • 1311 - Use of VR

    Brand activations that use virtual reality (VR) to deliver an immersive experience in a fully virtual world. For example through the use of VR glasses or a headset.
  • 1312 - Use of MR

    Brand activations that use mixed reality (MR) to deliver an experience where real and digital worlds combine and interact, creating new spaces and experiences, without the need for additional hardware on the user's part. For example, digital objects that respond to the user's behaviour in the physical world.
  • 1313 - Creative Use of Budget

    Work that brings a creative idea to life, where the output exceeds expectations set by a low budget. Includes pro bono work. You will need to state the production budget and justify your reasons for entering here.

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