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New Blood Entry — Clout

Award: Yellow Pencil

Do the Green Thing / 2022

People love to keep what their two hands have made. Binning something is infinitely more difficult when you’ve invested time and craft into it. Clout applies this theory to clothing. Providing people with patches made from designer offcuts, and a platform through which to repair/upcycle clothes increases the likelihood that garments’ lives will be extended. Clout customers chase the status of owning designer gear and shift culture through learning to sew and repair clothing. Just doubling clothing’s lifespan cuts fashion’s greenhouse emissions by 44%, making extending the life of clothes instrumental in fighting fast fashion’s environmental impact.

What did the judges have to say?

"It was focused on the real world, on crafted copywriting and an execution that blended behavioural change with a clear observation of culture within the cultural space. It was fresh and I was really inspired by seeing that in advertising; we need more work like this.”

Nate Agbetu, Creative Strategist and Cultural Producer, Play Nice

"Clout deserves a Yellow Pencil because it is a solution that doesn't demonise fashion. Instead, it embraces and celebrates fashion for all its power to express creativity and identity, while still engaging with challenges of waste, excess and hyper-consumerism.”

Ashley Johnson, Associate Partner and Writer, Do The Green Thing

"Great ideas and well executed within the guidelines of the brief!”

Bianca Foley, Content Creator and Podcaster, Content Creator and Podcaster at

"It felt culturally relevant, beautifully executed, original, and from the creator's soul.”

Rob Mathie, Founder at On the One, On the One

"Clout won a Yellow Pencil because it made the sustainable solution of patches and mending culturally relevant and resonant. It was the entry that truly surprised me. On point execution, nuanced, and grounded by an understanding of its audience. I’m excited to see what this creative goes on to do next.”

Laura Hunter, Executive Director, Futerra