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New Blood Entry — Yes Starts with Durex

Award: Yellow Pencil

Durex / 2019

To make something a habit, it's always best to try piggyback off a behaviour people are already doing. Carrying one in a wallet, picking up phone, keys. But what happens when you change jeans? Discretion?

We realised women already do this every day with tampons. And they even have a private bag that no person would ever look through, it's always close by. What if we tried to get women to carry condoms in their bag?

We liked this, but actually realised the most interesting aspect was targeting women. We realised women feel more in control when they carry a condom. Sex becomes an active choice. Something they do. Not something that happens to them.

With MeToo as a background, we focused on the idea of consent.

Our insights: despite people knowing how consent works, men struggle to understand it, women struggle to communicate it.

A Durex condom becomes the mechanism to communicate consent. If she hands you one, it's a yes, if she doesn't, it's a no.

Our line: Yes starts with Durex.

Durex is not consent. But it is the start of consent. And Durex can lead the conversation around consent.

We looked at the whole build up to sex as we might a user journey, finding potential media opportunities to reach people in a timely moment.

First on Tinder, then transport, in the dating situation, clubs, and at the last possible moment to intervene: the bedroom listening to Spotify & Chill playlist.

Another small but important aspect of our campaign is selling condoms in the female aisle of supermarkets. From interviews, 100% people agreed buying and carrying the condom is an equal responsibility.

And last of all, Durex Stories. The destination to help people navigate consent.

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