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Illustration Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2022

The illustration of a creative idea for commercial design and advertising projects.

Judges will prioritise craft over idea in this category.



You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 3601 - Integrated

    Projects where a central illustration idea is used over a variety of media e.g. magazines, online and packaging.
  • 3602 - Digital

    Illustration created to be viewed on digital platforms, including websites, apps, games and social media.
  • 3603 - Posters

    Illustration-led posters, both printed and digital. Can be single or double-sided.
  • 3604 - Press

    Illustration-led press adverts, inserts and wraps.
  • 3605 - Packaging

    Illustration for packaging. All work entered must have been commercially sold with a barcode or sales identifier, unless it is a promotional item.
  • 3606 - Printed Materials

    Illustration for any other print work, including stationery, leaflets, brochures, greetings cards, calendars, record sleeves, stamps and games.
  • 3607 - Publications

    Illustration for publications including books, book covers, e-books, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, front covers, sections, spreads and supplements.
  • 3608 - Publication Covers

    Illustration for publication covers including book covers, magazine covers and newspaper front pages.
  • 3609 - Environmental

    Illustration created to be shown in a specific space. Includes signage, environmental graphics, installations, building wraps, street art and interactive sites.
  • 3610 - Animated

    Animated illustration, for example corporate videos, stage graphics, commercials. Judges will be judging the illustrations and not the animation.
  • 3611 - Collaboration

    Collaborative projects, where multiple illustrators have contributed to the work.