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Writing for Advertising Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2022

Writing that is integral to a piece of marketing communication. Includes headlines and/or body copy.

Only for work that was commercially released in English. This is to ensure that the writing is judged fairly, not based on translations.

Work can only be entered into the Writing for Design or Writing for Advertising category; not both.

Judges will prioritise craft over idea in this category.



You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 4201 - Integrated

    Writing as part of campaigns where a central idea connects across a variety of media. For example online, in print, mobile, ambient.
  • 4202 - Digital

    Writing within advertising on digital platforms including websites, microsites, social, blogs and apps.
  • 4203 - Film

    Scripts for, and visible copy within, adverts created for TV, VOD, social, cinema and other screens.
  • 4204 - Direct

    Writing as part of marketing communications deigned to elicit a direct response from the user.
  • 4205 - Press

    Writing within press including press ads, inserts, wraps and branded editorial.
  • 4206 - Outdoor

    Writing for outdoor use including print and digital posters, special builds and digital sites.
  • 4207 - Radio & Audio

    Writing as part of radio and audio advertising. Includes writing and scripting for podcasts that integrate brands into the narrative.
  • 4208 - Entertainment

    Writing for branded or brand-funded entertainment that people feel compelled to watch, seek out and share. Includes documentaries, feature films, music videos, and games.