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New Blood Entry — Duolingo: Non-Fungible Effort

Award: Yellow Pencil

Duolingo / 2022

While streaks are designed to motivate Duolingo's users to come back to their lessons, they have slowly lost their novelty and appeal. Once learners fall off a long streak, they lose their motivation to learn again. Since NFT has been the hottest thing in mainstream culture for 29.7% of Gen-Zers, owning an NFT is owning the ultimate bragging material.

Our solution: We gave them a solution to immortalize their streaks and showcase it in an even cooler way. By recording our users’ learning data, we’re generating a unique NFT for everyone. Upon being minted onto our eco-friendly blockchain, these NFTs will store users’ streaks and can be updated as they progress through their learning journey. Users can share their NFT onto social media in whatever way they want for the ultimate brag.

What did the judges have to say?

"A beautifully crafted and well-realised idea. The art direction, design and copy worked together seamlessly. It's incredibly smart and answers the brief perfectly - there's an additional intelligence here as well; showcasing an understanding of an emerging technology that's a bit of a red herring for everyone right now, wrestling that beast to the ground and applying the most robust aspect of that thing and applying it as an easy solution for the brand and product that adds value. When you can make the complex simple and have real soul and artfulness sing through a creative tech idea - you've won."

Farai Dube, Brand Director, Wieden+Kennedy

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