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New Blood Entry — Cup4Climate

Award: Yellow Pencil

Connect4Climate / 2021

Humans have produced 6.3 metric tons of plastic. 79% of that ends up in our oceans, our streets, even in our beer. Premier League fans alone use more than 6 million single-used plastic cups per season. But 86% of football fans support the idea of reusable cups. By combining single-use cups and the most valued item by football fans - their season ticket - we created a reusable foldable cup that also functions as their season ticket. What used to be a single-used item is now the item football fans are most unlikely to throw away.

What did the judges have to say?

"Cup4Climate stood out immediately thanks to taking an existing sustainability problem and looking at a really simple, memorable and unique way to solve it. By giving the cup the same value as a season ticket it not only elevated it in value but ensured it would never be taken for granted. It also kept the execution and the presentation simple and focused, with maximum clarity of thought."

Tristan Cavanagh, Creative Director, 23red

"With climate communications, it's important to not feed into the apocalyptic and negative narrative, and position sustainable lifestyle choices as beneficial and desirable. Cup4Climate did just that by attaching the value of a season's ticket to a reusable cup. The idea was built on a clear insight that a season's ticket is something you covet and don't want to lose. They embedded a sustainable behaviour into an action that the audience already does while also providing them with a clear reason why this change was happening. It was presented in an easy to understand and simple way so the idea could stand out."

Hannah Phang, Head of Marketing & Advocacy, Futerra London

"To come up with an idea that is so simple yet has such a big impact, it fills me with jealousy. That's what makes Yellow Pencil-winning work."

Amy McGowan, Art Director, McCann London

"It was smart and simple. Straight to the point and an idea that was beyond a student work."

luis paulo gatti, Sr. Creative, BBDO Craftwork Germany

"I just loved how simple the idea was. Giving a cup the same value as a season ticket instantly makes fans take the same amount of care over climate change as they do their beloved team. The idea was built around an action, instantly changing a behaviour and solving a problem – which was a big part of the brief. Playing on fans’ passion and love for their team and challenging them to put the same passion into climate change action is ambitious, but we loved how disruptive it was and how it had potential to really change behaviours."

charlotte hugh, Senior Creative, Dark Horses

"Cup for Climate was genius. It used a high-value item and reinvented it as a communication device."

Katee Hui, Senior Strategist, Pentagram London

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