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New Blood Entry — Am (i) Normal?

Award: Yellow Pencil

The Case For Her & Teen Vogue / 2020

Everywhere you look, there are penises. They’re unavoidable! But seeing them from a young age means the stigma has gone. They’re not shocking or intimidating, they’re just normal. Unlike Vulvas.

The female body remains a mystery to everyone. Teachings range from diluted biology classes to exaggerations in porn. Leaving teens no other option but to learn about their bodies from gossip and contradicting information from Google.

The same sex tips won’t work for everyone so girls should be encouraged to explore what their idea of pleasure is. But it doesn’t have to be complicated! By simplifying the way we see vulvas and the way we talk about female pleasure, we can be free to work out what normal is to us as individuals.

And so, we encourage people to focus on (i).