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New Blood Entry — Transmutation

Award: Yellow Pencil

giffgaff / 2021

As we know that e-waste causes natural disasters like global warming but few know that e-waste can creates harmful toxic mines. Research shows that exposure to heavy metal will cause DNA damage. I highlight this fact by exaggerating the consequences via this “Transmutation" campaign. The name is the action of changing or the state of being changed into other form. This is demonstrated in the campaign: An insect transforms into a giant monster due to e-waste, an old phone being recycled and converted into money. The monster transformation plays with dynamic motion in order to enhance the transmutation element. With eye catching visual, it get people's attention to drive home the message: e-waste causes transmutation and giffgaff can create a safer and cleaner world.

What did the judges have to say?

"The Yellow Pencil winner had outstanding animation skills interweaved with compelling storytelling and use of colour in their work. It was beautiful, compelling and really stood out because of the skills on display."

Ananya Rao-Middleton, Illustrator, Ananya Paints Ltd

"Loved seeing an imaginative, unique and entertaining approach to the brief, whilst still considering brand values and guidelines. The fact that it was so well thought out from concept to delivery made it a really strong and complete body of work. Everything was on point from animation transitions to use of sound to elevate the visuals. Really strong visual style that was just amazing to watch again and again!"

Jasmin Sehra, Illustrator/Designer, Jasmin Sehra

"This was delivered to a professional standard, an incredible piece of work, well thought and out and impeccably crafted."

chris page, Founder, Jelly London

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