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New Blood Entry — Women Are Here

Award: Wood Pencil

adidas / 2019

The cultural expectation for women in China is to graduate, marry and have children. Tradition has taught them that they don't belong in sports. But the reality is women in Shang Hai are in sports, and they've always been there. We are launching a campaign to break through false perceptions of women and show they are born to be athletes. Through the phrase "women are here" (努力在这,) We will highlight the Chinese character for woman (女) and its use in the Chinese language. It’s even in phrases like "smash into enemy territory" and "face death unflinchingly.” With interactive AR posters, use of a popular social app called WeChat, and partnerships with local cram schools (traditional after school programs for Chinese students), we will help chinese women break the bands of a rigid and provincial culture. With the “Women Are Here” movement, we will create new aspirations of hope for an empowered and fulfilling future. Because tradition isn’t truth, and truth is, Women are here (女力在這).

This idea was a creative response to a hypothetical brief set by adidas as part of the New Blood Awards programme.