Real briefs, set by real clients, judged by top creatives

This is your chance to address a real life challenge for a top, international brand. You can work alone, or as part of a team.

Your ideas will be seen and judged by the representatives of the brand, along with a panel of top creatives from around the world.

Whether you’re a copywriter or photographer, a digital specialist, product designer or something in-between - there’s a brief for you.

Entry to the awards is open to anyone in full or part-time education; recent graduates who finished their course within the past two years; anyone under the age of 24. 

Check out the brands we've lined up for you below and see the full briefs.

New Blood Awards Briefs

The New Blood Awards briefs are the best in the business. As usual, we've worked with industry experts and top-notch brands, to curate a suite of briefs covering a wide range of creative disciplines, and addressing real-world challenges for real clients.

Full briefs below, sign up for updates.

The 2015 Briefs

Why Enter?


  • Who can enter?

    All of the briefs are open to:

    - Anyone aged between 18 and 23.
    - Students of any age. 
    - Recent graduates of any age. 

    It doesn't matter where in the world you are – if you fit one of the descriptions above, you can enter.

    Take a look at the full FAQs for more information on eligibility and teams. 

  • What can I enter?

    You can’t enter work you’ve done already – all New Blood Awards entries have to be a response to your selected briefs.

    You can respond to as many briefs as you like. You can also submit more than one response per brief – you’ll just need to create a separate entry for each response. So you’re free to enter as many times as you have ideas.

    The brief and brief pack will tell you everything you need to know about what to submit.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost per entry is £20. For D&AD Full Members and Education Network Members, it's only £15.

    The price is per entry, not per person.

  • How do I enter?

    The first step is to register.

    Now the briefs have been launched, you can download any you like the look of. Each brief comes with its own brief pack, full of useful things like background information and brand logos to help you on your way.

    Then it’s up to you to create your response. The brief and brief pack will tell you everything you need to know about what to submit.

    The deadline is 5pm GMT on Tuesday 31 March 2015. From February you’ll be able to submit your work and pay for your entries online. More information on uploading and paying for your work will be available nearer the time.

  • Any more questions?

    Take a look at the full FAQs here. We'll update them regularly with more information.
    If you've got a question that's not covered, Contact us


New Blood Awards entries are judged by a line-up of top-notch industry specialists, together with representatives from the brand. These are people who don't just know their fields, they define them. We're handpicking our roster of 2015 judges and will reveal who's who in the coming months. For now, take a look at who judged for us in 2014.

So what do you get if you win?

  • New Blood Wood Pencil

    The judges’ selection of the best work submitted for each brief. Everyone who wins Wood or above will have their name set down in print in the D&AD Annual, alongside the Professional Awards winners.

  • New Blood Graphite Pencil

    Awarded to work that rises above Wood Pencil standard and has the potential to win a New Blood Yellow Pencil.

  • New Blood Yellow Pencil

    Work that is outstanding, excelling across all judging criteria and potentially causing a pang of jealousy.

  • New Blood White Pencil

    Outstanding work in response to any of the briefs, that uses the power of creativity to do good in the world.

  • New Blood Black Pencil

    The best of the best, the ultimate award for new creatives.

  • Pencil Marks
    If you're a New Blood Awards winner, you're entitled to use a D&AD Pencil Mark to show the world how great you are. Put it on your portfolio & CV, your blog, and even set it as your desktop background so you get a warm winning glow every time you switch on.
    You can download the relevant Mark for your award here.