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Konstantino Kontorravdis

Konstantino Kontorravdis

  • United Kingdom
  • Member since 2015

I'm Konstantinos Georgios Kontorravdis and i'm actually... from Devon.
Around 18 years ago, i was faced with my very first brief. At the tender age of 4 my delightfully-Greek mother asked me to choose an abbreviation, for my suspiciously-Greek name. I had to brand myself.

I spent restless days, pacing around our living room, desperately seeking that feeling of enlightenment, wondering 'how can i, a mere toddler, choose what i want to be called, for the rest of my life'. After several pouches of Capri-Sun and a bum-slide down the stairs later, I pitched to my mother a list; she, of course, refined it down to 3.
One of the names, 'Dino', like the pet dinosaur from flintstones, was her favorite.
Kostas (like the cafe-chain) was my father's recommendation.
And then there was Kostie (Original... cool; or so i thought).
After long speculation and a cheese-string later... i signed off; Kostie.
Nailed it. Now i'm unique... there's definitely no other Kostie's in England. that's something, right?
I guess this was the first time i had to create something, that would be used as a means of communicating something else. 'i'm unique'. My mum assured me that names were not important, "it's what you do in life that matters"... and well, i disagree (partially... sorry mum). In advertising, i constantly see the same things being communicated in the same way. And I believe that every single 'thing' has a story. And that story should be communicated across every kind of medium, clearly and effectively with true insight a little bit of magic.

Now often i'm referred to as anything from Koko, Santino or anything with a mildly Greek ring to it. I like doing things differently, so i guess this is where i'm supposed to talk about myself...

'i really like thinking of ideas then making them.'
I work with a good mate of mine, Tom.

Tom's ginger; I'm hairy... so we called ourselves Rangatang.


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