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Rina Atienza

Rina Atienza

  • United Kingdom
  • Member since 2019

There are hybrid people in London; modern magicians, casting spells of hopes in a violent world. This is the case with Rina Atienza, a crazy phenomenon full of fireballs and ecstatic energy. Her playful curiosity and eclectic interests show her to be a multi-potentialite, which makes her difficult to pigeon-hole. She thrives on cultivating connections and encourages the pursuit of all that's possible.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman of short stature in possession of the names queen and 'eevilmidget' must be in pursuit of royal trouble. Predictably unpredictable, Rina is frequently involved in a variety of schemes. If evil prevails because good men do nothing, maybe it's also because wicked people are always up to something.

As a social engineer, she is resourceful problem solver slasher when it comes to world optimisation. She writes, talks, sings, dances, is game for projects, and does far too many things she's told she can't and shouldn't do.

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