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Sasha Markova

Sasha Markova

Impossible Foods - Sasha Markova:
Creating a new Paradigm

Pretty much any creative who has ever worked in advertising or any corporate business has had a Jerry Maguire moment (usually the night before a pitch for something not entirely meaningful). What would happen, you think, if I used all my powers to sell something good – maybe I could help change the world.

The idea of where to go with that impulse used to be very difficult. ‘Doing good’ was an extra thought tucked away in the back of the deck, usually called ‘CSR.’ And the chances of you even selling in that idea were slim.

Not anymore. In the last year, we’ve seen the exciting emergence of new paradigm brands, which aren’t playing by the rules of this world, but trying to create a new and much nicer world.
At the forefront of them is Impossible Foods – a Silicon Valley start-up with a mission to eliminate animals from the food chain by 2035, by making delicious meat from plants.

But new paradigm brands require new paradigm creativity. The idea of ‘well this is just way we’ve always done things’ doesn’t work in the new paradigm. In this talk, we’ll go through the exciting, cosmic leaps every creative mind needs to start taking in order to make the new paradigm (don’t worry, it’s much nicer than the old one and there are burgers there too).

24 April
The Adobe Stage
15:45 - 16:30

About Sasha:

Sasha Markova is the Executive Creative Director at Impossible Foods, a planet company with a mission to eliminate animals from the food chain by 2035 by making the most delicious meat from plants.

Before Impossible Foods, Sasha was the global creative director of cult creative advertising agency Mother London for over seven years, before taking Mother to Los Angeles. There, she ran the accounts of Stella Artois, Boots No 7, Headspace, the Academy Of Motion Arts & Sciences as well as working significantly on the Mother brand (most famously getting Jesus of Hollywood to photobomb Nigel Farage).

On the side, she recently founded Gangs Of Kosmos, an agency that only represents animals and nature directly. Their first client is the wild horses of America, which Gangs made a Save America's Unicorns campaign for, their second client is the Moon. She is also the long-term founder of the cult t-shirt company, I Love Boxie, which turns people’s stories into lines and has been featured in the two seminal books on T-shirt making in the 21st century and all over the Internet.

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