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Taslima Tarafdar

Taslima Tarafdar

  • United Kingdom
  • Member since 2015

As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be an ‘artist’. As a little girl I would use my bedroom walls and the backs of our living room sofas as my canvases, which would get me into a lot of trouble! I’m a 22 year old illustrator from Hull with a passion for vibrant and colourful imagery. I’ve always known that I wanted Art to remain in my life forever and ever, so I decided to pursue it! I began with choosing to do Art as a GCSE subject, then went on to study Fine Art as an A Level, and later went on to do a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design and specialised in a Illustration and finally finished off with a BA Honours Illustration degree. My career aspiration is to pursue a career in an advertising or design based industry which allows me to promote and market my creations.

I considered my approach to creating work as versatile and feel comfortable using different forms of media. As well as creating drawings, paintings, digital or traditional work, prints and most paper based imagery; I am also a great enthusiast of creating 3D work. I began taking the idea of physically making something more seriously since making my largest creation which was a mobile installation based on the music corporation ‘Universal Music Group’, which was created as a part of my final major project during the Foundation Diploma course. A lot of my methods, techniques and approaches to creating work have changed since then but I still get that childlike excitement every time I get the opportunity to make something new!

I have a love for patterns and always have done as I use to create wall paper and scrap book backgrounds as I child on separate sheets of paper and managed to build up a great collection of patterns! I’m always doodling colourful but sophisticated patterns that I later rework to tidy up and apply to upcoming briefs. Family and friends have been a recurring theme in some of my past projects as I’m able to have a personal and exclusive approach when that specific subject is explored. My colour palette usually contains bright and noticeable colours as working in colourful ways helps create fun and entertaining images that are perfect for engaging with audiences in an exciting, sociable and enlightening manner.

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