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Kinga Michalska

Kinga Michalska

  • Canada
  • Member since 2016

I'm a Montreal based photographer. With my photos I seek to reclaim sexuality from the male gaze. I aim to create gender fluid, anti-oppressive alternative universes, that celebrate diversity of human bodies, as a form of critique of toxic social expectations emerging from patriarchal and consumerist values. The characters in my photos are badass hard femme witches with fierce looks and body hair. They own their bodies and manifest spiritual power. My inspirations are a mixture of pop culture, ancient mythologies, and kink/fetish aesthetics. For me it’s very important to prioritize marginalized groups and give representation to queer and trans folks, as well as people of color. Through strongly tinted, originally stylized and highly interpretative images that capture the power, beauty and dreams of queer community, I try to validate it’s underrepresented perspective. I intend to show unconventional types of beauty, as well as celebrate nudity and strong, femme sensuality. My approach to sexuality is subversive and playful. At my photo shoots I foster safer space for my models to explore the boundaries of their sexuality and/or gender. I aim to empower my subjects by treating them as equal collaborators, who take an active part in the creative process.

Spirituality is an important part of my work. Realising how most big religions have masculine gods, I decided to create visual queer myths with the characters that I would like to worship, where everyone was a goddess. Recently, I have taken to displaying my photos in glass jars filled with water and backlit with a candle. I like to think of this sort of installation as a womb where my characters feel safe and protected.

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