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alessandra Scherillo

alessandra Scherillo

  • Member since 2017

Alessandra was quick to establish herself as a cinematographer after graduating top of her year in 1998 at the National Film School. She launched her career by lighting a cinema commercial for Stella Artois which was in competition for the Oscar Short and has followed this with commercials for Guinness, The Guardian, The Times, Ford, Renault, and Vespa to name but a few, as well as dramas and documentaries.

The thorough technical training acquired by progressing up through the grades has been enhanced by functioning professionally in a wide variety of challenging environments.
These are as diverse as living for months with the Hamar tribe in the remote hills of Ethiopia, for the award winning BBC trilogy ‘Under the Sun’, to hazardous night time car chase sequences for Michael Caine’s ‘Blue Ice’, directed by Russell Mulcahy of ‘Highlander’ fame.

In the past she has distinguished herself on many successful features including Pacino’s ‘Looking for Richard’ and ‘A Kiss before Dying’ with Matt Dillon and Sean Young amongst others.

Ben Gibson, as head of BFI Productions, is quoted as stating that Alessandra’s work resulted in ‘Institute Benjamenta’ being;
“the first film to make an artist of a film technician.”

It is already clear that she brings the skill and dedication demonstrated throughout her career to bear on cinematography. Her Italian upbringing means she is not shy to state her passion for filmmaking nor her ambition to work at the top of the profession.

Encouraged by the favourable response to her recent output she is eagerly anticipating the next creative challenge and with growing demand for her lighting is looking forward to a bright future.

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