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The Link Between Depression And Erectile Dysfunction

Depression is a harrowing mental issue, and on many occasions, it is accompanied by erectile dysfunction. The combination of both issues can make a man’s life miserable. Depression quite often causes symptoms like low self-esteem, loss of interest in activities, feeling of guilt and sadness, sleep disturbances, changes in appetite and irritability. All these things can affect the mental peace of the man, and naturally, his inclination towards sex also reduces. Apart from that, there are certain chemical changes too which happen in the body and brain due to depression which also becomes a cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

What is depression?
Depression is often termed as a mental disorder with persistent sadness, hopelessness and a pessimistic attitude. It is bad for both physical and psychological health of men. Some of the common symptoms of depression which everyone suffers from are:
• Low self-esteem
• Fatigue
• Apathy
• Changes in appetite
• Loss of interest in activities which the person loved earlier
• Sleep disturbances

Depression not only affects the way people think about themselves but also how they think about others. Depressed people are not able to pull themselves together and feel better. Depression is a mental issue and not a personal weakness. If treatment is not done, depression might last for an indefinite period. Treating it correctly might help them to feel better.

How is erectile dysfunction and depression related?
Though not common in every man but depression can induce the issue of erectile dysfunction in several cases. Men who are depressed and are suffering from ED tend to feel frustrated, angry, sad, having doubts on themselves and might even feel less ‘manly.’ All these feelings might result in low esteem and can aggravate the issue of depression even more.

Diagnosing depression in men with ED
Examining depression in men who have ED problem generally starts with physical exams and consultation by the doctor. The patient will be asked a set of question regarding issues like family history and chemical dependency. Depression cannot be detected by a single test but, there some patterns which the doctors look into for diagnosing the issue appropriately. The patterns might include irritability, sadness, and withdrawal from the activities of interest.

How is depression treated in men with ED?
The treatment of depression for men with ED problem might include the use of antidepressant drugs, counseling (talk therapy) or a combination of both the therapies.
Antidepressants are generally the first line of treatment for depression issue, but in many cases, these drugs can worsen the issue of erectile dysfunction in men. Therefore, the doctor has to suggest the right type of antidepressant medication for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

In talk therapy, men who have erectile dysfunction speak to a licensed mental health care professional. The expert shall help the man to identify and work upon the issues that are related to depression. There are several types of talk therapy which includes individual therapy, couples therapy, and even group therapy.

The treatment of depression and erectile dysfunction can be done easily provided that the problems are addressed properly and on time. You need to open about your problem and willing to discuss about it with your partner or medical therapist for a way out of it.

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