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We pride ourselves on the fact that this clay is so harmless that you can actually eat it. Not the we recommend it: in fact, it’s pretty bad tasting—too salty for our liking (word of experience). There is one great advantage to this clay, however: it is full of natural minerals, and when heated, the ions of these minerals are released into the air. Just like mineral water, mineralized air has many healing and health properties. In this day and age, when our farming does not bring us the direct benefits of natural soils (which were part of our diet in the olden times, when food came to the table directly from the dirt – and often with some particles of it, however small), we tend to lack many of these essential nutrients. Of course, you can always take iron supplements, zinc supplements, lithium, potassium – name it. But the natural ions of these minerals are small, polarized particles which provide a lot better abortion. Also, the predominantly positive ions that are being released by the clay (Na+, C+, Mg+, etc.) are known to the antient healing arts to purify the surrounding environment’s energy field. According to these schools of thought, this emission is beneficial to your home and will help neutralize negative energies, thus reducing stress, aiding in relaxation and creating a more conductive atmosphere for dialog and understanding.

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