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Creative Collider

Learn the secret to creative ideation; a collision of inspiration, insight, and strategy.

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Fast-track your creative ideation in this rapid-fire brainstorming workshop with Arif Haq. Take a tour of D&AD award-winning ideas and unpick what makes them tick, then use the same tools to solve business challenges.

As creatives, you might be expected to pluck genius ideas out of thin air. But some of the best ideas are the result of collisions of existing ones- re-imagined and brought to life in brilliant ways.

In this fast-paced 3-hour Masterclass, you’ll explore a carefully curated brainstorming workshop to help build brilliant ideas through the power of collision.

You’ll start by immersing yourself in the D&AD’s four critical creative trends, distilled from thousands of award winners and hours of jury debate. We’ll bring these to life for you through the pinnacle of creative excellence; the stand-out D&AD award winners you need to know about. The four critical trends you’ll be exploring during this creative thinking training are; Digital Cross-Over Culture, Natural Influences, Repurpose & Recontextulise, and Innovating to Include. You’ll use one of these to solve your chosen business challenge or client brief, as we guide you through stages of immersion, ideation, refinement, and pitching.

This creative thinking course is designed to push boundaries that you didn’t know existed within your creative mindset, and practice combining creative insight, strategy and executions in a highly collaborative session that will keep surprising you with what you can achieve in three hours.

Don’t expect to sit back and relax; collisions take energy.


Who it's for:

  • Anyone in need of a creative boost 
  • Creatives stuck at the start of a brief 
  • In-house or agency teams in a creative rut 
  • Those looking for new ways to find inspiration
  • Anyone wanting fresh ideas to take to clients
  • Team leaders looking for new brainstorming techniques to run with their teams

By the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Learn a repeatable creative ideation process to take back to your team
  • Gain new foolproof techniques to come up with ideas under extreme time pressure
  • Make the link between the insight and ideas for your own work 
  • Gain new sources of inspiration and skills to translate to your own business 
  • Learn the fundamentals of how digital whiteboards can supercharge your virtual collaboration process
  • Been immersed in the critical creative themes of the modern age
  • Translate those into practical ideas for your team or clients
  • Have updated your memory banks with a range of killer creative case studies to make you look very smart in your next meeting
  • Learn the secret power of solo vs plenary thinking to unlock better brainstorms

Upcoming Sessions

10:00 - 13:00 BST

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