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Member Spotlight: Vicki Maguire

One of our D&AD Membership perks is our Members’ Spotlight feature that takes a moment to celebrate the work of different industry professionals. Each interview gives creatives a virtual soapbox, asking what they’re currently working on, what are they most proud of, and if there were one piece of work they wish they’d been responsible for, what would it be?

Meet Vicki Maguire...

Introduce your place of work.
Six years ago I met a bloke called Nils Leonard. He was a young man full of big plans to turn Grey into one of the best places for a creative to be. Forget 60.30.20. Press poster radio. He wanted to make shows, break records, make records, and shake things up. He had energy and I love a challenge. That was then… now I'm Deputy Creative Director at Grey London and surrounded by like minded people who fancy a challenge. From designing sustainable fonts, painting bikes, putting on shows and saving lives.
What are you currently working on?
At the moment I'm working on the latest Vodafone UK campaign. It's a really interesting drive. I work with brave clients who are trying to make their mark in a very cluttered market driven by price, data and downloads. But, as anyone who has lost their phone will tell you, being connected is now part of who we are. We need a network we can really on. Our recent ad 'The Call' demonstrates that.

The Call Vodafone TV Advert

What work are you most proud of?
That has to be the 'Vinnie' campaign for the British Heart Foundation. 
Vinnie Jones teaches the Nation how to save a life but pushing hard and fast on the sovereign to the beat of the Bee Gee's 'Stayin' Alive'. The NHS use it for training purposes. The term "You've been Vinnied" is now used by doctors. And to date it has saved over 40 lives. 
I met a man who had had a cardiac arrest in Waitrose. He said he came around to find a huge bearded guy pushing on his chest singing a Bee Gee's hit in the middle of the frozen foods aisle.
What work from our Archive makes you think ‘I wish I’d done that’?
I wish I'd done the C4 Meet the Superhumans ad for Channel 4. It turns everything you thought about disabled athletes on its head. Incredible editing, amazing choice of track, and an attitude that says if you think running 400m is hard, try doing it with one leg. It still gives me shivers.
I also wish I'd designed the iPod. I think it's genius. I still have my first generation iPod, the one with the big wheel. It's a joy. 
Meet the Superhumans / Black Pencil / TV & Cinema Communications / TV Promotions & Programme Junctions / 2013
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received during your career?
My background is actually in Fashion Design. Paul Smith, the designer, was my mentor at College. I have to say I was probably the worse fashion designer in London. But Paul saw my piss poor attempt at sketching and told me to write my ideas instead.

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