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Introducing Media – A new Awards category

Media planning and buying is going through a transformation. We’re now seeing more in-house creative teams in media companies than ever before, and the planners, strategists and buyers are getting in on the action too. 

So, for the Professional Awards 2016, D&AD has introduced a Media category.  To give the full story, D&AD’s CEO Tim Lindsay explains in the film below. Underneath, you can read the full transcript. 

Watch Tim Lindsay Introduce the new Media Category

Where Advertising appears, the context, and I'm not just talking about bought space here, but all kinds of media, contributes enormously to the way in which it's received, and therefore the outcomes.

D&AD has introduced a new Media category into our Professional Awards for the first time.

This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's always been a really significant contributor to creative excellence in advertising. The days when media was integrated into creative agencies were good days, although it's a long time ago. And there was enormous benefit in the disciplines bumping up against each other: planning, account handling, media planning and buying and creative.

The second reason is that as the landscape has got more complicated, the demarcation lines have blurred. A lot of media thinking happens outside of media agencies and a lot of creative thinking happens inside media agencies, and we need to recognise that. It's become a very exciting part of our business. 

I think media people will really appreciate the creative lens through which D&AD will examine their work. They themselves talk aobut creative media planniing, and a lot of creativity goes into media buying and planning.

A wonderful example from recent years is the Snickers Twitter campaign, #YNYWYH.

It's as much a media idea as it is a creative idea. And they made it beautiful in 140 characters. So that's a media idea in my estimation. It's just one of a gazillion examples.

The foreman for the Media category in 2016 is the wonderful Tess Alps. As with all our categories in the Professional Awards we reflect the reality of the landscape within that category. So we're looking for the most inventive, creative use of lots of media, all media in fact.

We absolutely feel it's our duty to encourage creative excellence across the piste in advertising and design. And creativity, as creative people themselves will acknowledge, isn't confined to the creative department. There are many people - in strategy, in account handling, in production, and in media who make an enormous contribution to the end product. And we should be recognising, celebrating, stimulating and awarding those contributions as well.

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