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Desperados' New Blood Brief: Insight From Your Client

This year the New Blood Awards feature 17 briefs from a whole range of world-class brands, including Desperados. We fired ten all important questions at Anna Bizon, Global Director of the Desperados brand, to help entrants tackle their challenge to "unleash urbanites' party spirit with an unforgettable party experience"

Tell us a bit about Desperados and your brand history?

Desperados is a brand with a fantastic history. It’s not a long history, but it’s a beautiful history. The brand was born 20 years ago in France where two very experienced brewmasters, who had brewed thousands of hectolitres of beer, decided they already knew everything about beer – they wanted to add an unexpected and wild element to the industry. So they decided to add tequila flavour to the beer, and as a result got a very refreshing product with a kick of the unexpected.

This history set up the philosophy of the brand – we believe Desperados should move borders, should bend the rules. Now Desperados is in more than 85 countries.

Why have you decided to set this brief?

We believe that the brand should play very vital and active role in the life of our consumers. And this role should be that we add value to their life. Adding value means also moving the world forward creatively. In what more of a literal way could we engage young people from our target group than to have their input on how they see the brand in the future – and how the brand could create a better future for them.

Where do you see the Desperados brand in five years time?

Our dream is that it would be perceived by young people as the most iconic drink for their generation. What 'iconic drink' means for us is the brand leaving a footprint in minds and in hearts. This is our dream and we hope you will help us to realise it.


How literally should entrants take the 'party' concept?

'Party' is a key consumption occasion for Desperados as a brand. Why? Because it's a perfect playground to release all the tension which is gathered by the young people in everyday life. However, this doesn’t mean you need to have the high energy, dance or disco imagery. 'Party' is inside you. So you decide when feel you're in the mood to move your energy to the next level. It can happen in the disco, but it can happen on the street, at work etc. 

You decide where and when and how you want to party.

What advice would you give for creating a great campaign that promotes the party ideal while still advocating responsible behaviour?

When we talk about alcohol brands, we must promote whilst still keeping the responsible consumption roles. It’s extremely important for us that while partying, while having fun, we are doing it in a safe and controlled way. My advice would be to focus much more on the emotional benefits; what the brand can deliver to you emotionally, not the functional benefits of the alcohol content. We all believe that tequila flavoured beer brings you a lot of emotions, coming from Latina countries, so focus on this personality and the emotional side of the brand.

Is there a Desperados tone of voice, and if so, how strictly should entrants stick to it?

Desperados tone of voice is rooted in the duality of the brand. From one point of view, the brand is very creative within the beer industry. On the other side, the product is quite wild, which comes from the tequila element.

These two things together brings us to three main personality elements which we would like you to focus on.

  • First, we always want to be very authentic, which means you don’t need to be perfect.
  • The second is to be very spontaneous.
  • The third is the element of edginess and wildness.

This brief asks for an experiential campaign, when do you think experiential marketing is at it's best and what are some great examples?

This brief is about experiential marketing. What that means for us is not talking to our consumers but involving consumers in the brand story. We want to involve them in the brand experience. We don’t expect an idea for a regular campaign, we expect an idea around how consumers can experience and play with the brand in the most authentic and natural way.

Thinking about brands who are very good in this area, I'd mention Converse. I think they're one of the best brands delivering value added to young consumers through experiential marketing.

What’s the measure of success for this brief?

Inspiring us to really take your ideas and bring them to life. We're very open to that so I think that's the biggest success you all can achieve with us. We keep our fingers crossed that your ideas will be the ones you'll see on the streets and in the shops in the coming years.

What will you not want to see in the responses?

The brief is quite open. I want to see ideas that cover the widest scope of possibility. Your idea could be how our packaging can play a role in the consumer's life, or how they can experience or party with a bottle of Desperados. But it could also be an idea for a digital campaign, activation at a festival or at the point of sale. So think broadly.

Where's the best place to start?

My advice would be; you're all more or less in the target group, so just look around. Talk with your friends, look at what's really authentic and interesting for you. What you would love the brands to do for you and just follow this intuition.


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