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D&AD and Monotype Typography Podcasts

Experience a unique investigation into the intricate world of typefaces, the people who make them, and the emotions they elicit.

There's no better starting point for typography inspiration, so plug your headphones in and listen to design's most commute-friendly podcast.

Episode 1 – Context

Craig Oldham and writer Sarah Hyndman join journalist Rob Alderson to discuss typography and context. 
Our panel delve into the world of typography to uncover how the context of a typeface affects its meaning. Questions asked include:
  • What is the most unusual and most effective combination of type and context?
  • Is it possible for a typeface to carry political or ideological implications?
  • Does your choice of typeface reflect your personality?
  • What roles do typefaces play in a social media dominated landscape?
  • Is banning Comic Sans just snobbish? Are times when Comic Sans might be the right thing to choose?
  • Is Helvetica just a victim of its own success?
We also hear excerpts from Craig Oldham's 'In Loving Memory of Work' and Sarah Hyndman's 'Why Fonts Matter' books. All that in just 40 minutes. It's a must listen for designers and art directors, and perfect for your commute. 

Episode 2 – Obsession

Why does the craft of typography attract obsessives? In just over 40 minutes, journalist Rob Alderson gets to grips with the finer details of typography and obsession.

Colophon Foundry Blue M Typeface

Joining Rob in this episode are Ed and Anthony of type foundry Colophon. They stand up for type obsessives around the world as they answer crucial questions:

  • What qualities are needed to be a type designer?
  • What is the process behind designing a typeface?
  • What issues do type designers disagree on? 
  • Why do small changes to a typeface have such large repercussions? 
  • Why does typography attract obsessives and fanatics?
Doves Typeface
The Doves Typeface © 2016, Robert Green. Photography: Karl Donovan www.karldonovan.co.uk

Rob then meets with one of typography’s recent obsessives, Robert Green, the man responsible for discovering the lost Doves Typeface. Robert explains the history of Doves' designers, Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson and Emery Walker, revealing their tumultuous relationship with each other, and with Hammersmith’s most famous design icon, William Morris.

The episode ends with an investigation into why typography is gaining traction with people beyond the graphic design industry.

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