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How to test a creative idea

Our creative experts share why user testing is key to a Pencil-winning creative brief

The following advice tells us why it is crucial to test your creative idea and ensure your work, works. Get out there and speak to people, make a prototype, do your desk research, and be mindful of reaching your audience in an authentic way. The following tips from last year’s New Blood Awards judges will help you do just that. 

First up, why prototyping can help you test your idea...

"This is one of the great benefits of today’s tools, we don’t need to be in a large corporate organisation to take things to the public, we can use tools to make pretty nice fidelity, enough to take it out into the real world and get real evidence to see if this great idea we have, does start to trigger different behaviour."

Why not speaking to your audience can detract from your insight...

"You can tell where people have really thought about the customer and the audience and been able to get more real information about those that has added an extra layer to the idea and the execution of the idea."

The importance of testing your idea with the right people...

"Test that its communicating the right things, and that it is actually feasible. It is harder, but do desk research and test your submission before you actually submit it.”

Most importanty, you must listen to the audience you are trying to reach...

"It’s not just a one way process, you have to use techniques that will feel real to them, feel true, and make them feel proud. Not something that is objectifying them in order to communicate who they are to other people. Finding that balance which looks both ways is quite difficult, but when you get it right, it means that the people you are talking about feel really proud, but other people really get what it means to be that community."

Fancy tackling real creative briefs set by real clients? Check out New Blood Awards and have your work seen by some of the industry’s top creatives. For more creative career advice on how to learn new skills and how to handle creative briefs, have a look at getting started on a brief, and how to break down a brief.

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