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Making a mark in an ever-shifting landscape; from those carving the future by doing things differently

When Superimpose presented their audience strategy to one of the world’s biggest sportswear companies back in 2016, it ignited a curiosity within the powerhouse brand that consequently launched one of the most progressive internal platforms to challenge planning, production and activation for global campaigns. 

As part of their own DNA, supporting self-starters and having a diversity of disciplines, Superimpose recognised and championed a new breed of being - those who are carving their future on their own terms.

A partnership between D&AD and Superimpose for the series ‘The Future of Creativity’, we are embarking on a journey this time to find out what the future holds for emerging creatives.


The 'Post Ascending Authority' is a dedicated audience insight project we launched to profile the rise of a new generation leading trends and innovations from the bottom up. As an agency, we see influence and impact, causation and consequence. We have observed the power of brands, communities and consumers shaping ecosystems, giving birth to new inventions, and falling by the wayside. 

But between industries, markets, businesses and individuals, it is the latter who are the definitive driver for change in any and every sphere of existence. The most exciting driver shaping creativity today and tomorrow are undoubtedly our newest creative and critical minds. The question is, what makes them so different from what we have seen before?
As a group of curious and open-minded individuals, the new generation of thinkers and creators see no barriers, only opportunities. Rejecting traditional frameworks and rules, they seek to partake in everything spanning multiple interests and passion points. They never stop moving, and their interests never seem to stop growing. This amalgamation of creativity isn’t always in the brightest spotlight - and even if the media and mass public aren’t aware of it, we recognise that there are always individuals creating something special.

The key characteristics for such an eclectic and evolving group are their relentless energy for exploration and experimentation. They are defined by carefree yet considerate collaboration, the multifaceted and multidisciplinary nature of their practices and passions, and the unusual nature of their path making - sometimes subverting traditional routes and expectations placed on young people whether it may be social, political, hierarchal or institutional. These are the people who are ultimately shaping industries, converging existing sectors and creating new landscapes.

Lilian Nejatpour, a British Iranian artist who shifts between making sculptural forms and sound structures, often investigates displacement and duality through unique settings and experiences. With influences from South Iran ceremonial practices and her northern background in bassline music from Bradford, much of her work is hybridity between performance, sound and installation. 
Her recent work ‘Choreophobia’ is rich in socio-political complexities from her own background, combining sound and theory to develop sculptures of bodies that resisted and overlapped in response to her own geographical displacement, sampling movements from northern bassline club culture and juxtaposing against gestures associated with the now-banned Iranian solo improvised dance. 

For her, collaboration is the future. She believes that one never finds their practice, rather it’s a constantly shape-shifting process, and something to enjoy along with the conversations that happen in between them. Her trust in community, grassroots guidance (for herself) and for future talent is key. Whether it is being a member of EAST or proactively seeking enriching spaces that allows for personal development and research - this could be beneficial without being a part of the formal education process.

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