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D&AD New Blood Shift: Meet Dane

Introducing the Shift New York Class of 2020

My parents are from the island of Trinidad. Its culture is a big part of who I am and the way I tell a story - the patterns, the colors, the sweet sounds of the steel pan. Of course, having immigrant parents also means I had few career choices: doctor, lawyer, engineer. In college, I pursued a degree in both architecture and engineering, but discovered late in the game I didn't have a passion for either. With an entrepreneurial-spirit and a drive to find what would truly inspire me day-to-day, I first joined a construction management company as their lead designer, creating 3D visualizations, an interactive website (RIP Flash), and all marketing materials. I later moved to lead the design team at a commercial sign production shop, and got to see my work move from my computer screen to large-scale installations in a week's time.

I'm currently the Founder of DAP Creative Works, an NYC-based consultancy with a focus on visual branding and design direction. I've had the opportunity to do work for amazing companies like Trip Advisor, Sheraton, Goodwill, and Coca-Cola. My bread and butter is logo development, custom website builds, and marketing collateral. But with 8 years of freelance experience under my belt, the hustle genes are strong; art direction, music production, video editing, and 3D visualization are all skills I've developed along the way, and help me tell a complete story for clients big and small.

That said, Shift has imparted new wisdom, experience, and partnerships, and I'm learning that nothing great is created in a vacuum. With the new year, I aim to bring my unique story and perspective as a solopreneur, a first-generation Caribbean-American, a black man living in America, and a lover of all things creative to new collaborations and full-time agency opportunities.

In tl;dr speak: I'm a vibe-maker. 2020 was a tough year for all of us, so in 2021 I'm throwing all of my energy towards making incredible work for good with talented creatives in and out of the industry.

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Dane Phillip

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